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Inostrantsev, Konstantin Aleksandrovich Born Apr. 5, 1876, in St. Petersburg; died December 1941, in Leningrad. Russian historian, Orientalist. In 1899, Inostrantsev graduated from the department of Oriental languages at the University of St. Petersburg. In 1908 he defended his dissertation for a doctoral degree in Oriental history. He taught.

Konstantin Aleksandrovich Umansky (Russian: Kонстантин Aлександрович Уманский) (14 May 1902 – 25 January 1945), was a Soviet diplomat, editor, journalist and artist. Biography and career. Umansky, who was Jewish, was born in Mykolaiv; he began studies at Moscow University in 1918, and joined the Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks).

Konstantin Alexandrovich Trutovsky (Kursk, Ukraine 1826 - Ukraine 1893) Konstantin Trutovsky was a Russian-Ukrainian realist painter and graphic artist. He studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1845-1849) and in 1860 became an academician.

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Nikolay Aleksandrovich Kozyrev, (born Sept. 2, 1908, St. Petersburg, Russia—died Feb. 27, 1983), Russian astronomer, who claimed to have discovered volcano-like activity on the Moon.His sightings of apparent gaseous emissions from the lunar surface challenged the long-held theory that the Moon is a dead and inert celestial.

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Zubov, Konstantin Aleksandrovich Born Sept. 8 (20), 1888, in the village of Bazarnyi Syzgan, in present-day Inza Raion, in Ulianovsk Oblast; died Nov. 22, 1956, in Moscow. Russian Soviet actor, director, and teacher. People’s Artist of the USSR (1949). Member of the CPSU from 1942. Zubov studied simultaneously at St. Petersburg University.

Andrey Aleksandrovich Zhdanov: Andrey Aleksandrovich Zhdanov, Soviet government and Communist Party official. A member of the Bolsheviks from 1915, Zhdanov rose through the party ranks after the October Revolution of 1917 and eventually became political boss of Leningrad (St. Petersburg), leading the city’s defense during.

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